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Do a Lot, with a Little, FAST!

Who is Footprint?

Your personal Charity!

A US based, private 501C3 Charity, we are located in PANAMA.  We help those that want to help themselves improve their lives, clean up their environment and in the process, help their neighbor!  Join us.

Come work, or HELP someone work!

Your support can be hands on, or from a distance.  We give you credit for your assistance!  100% proceeds used to help our Clients.  All donations are US tax deductible.

We focus on drinking water; storage, distribution and treatment.  If we can do that for communities of need, they have an even chance of doing the rest for themselves!

Joint us! Share with us! Be with us!

Via your phone, or laptop, JOIN IN!  Support, come out, join up!  Act up!

The communities we want to help, want to help themselves...we don't give unless we get back in effort and commitment...its not sustainable otherwise.  Join us, support us; watch us grow! 

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Better yet, see us in person! OR send your support...each will reach us!

We love our Supporters, so feel free to visit our Web Site and leave us a LIKE, Comment or send us an email...we WILL REPLY!


125 12th Ave N, Saint Petersburg, Florida 33701, United States

(727) 827-8707


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